My Etsy shop is now officially opened and I am working at getting photos together that do the paintings justice…which is why I only have one painting up so far. I have a friend who is lending me his camera  at some point (Ehem, Jim) and then I will have a fun photo shoot with all my  babies lined up in a row.

Getting my Etsy shop in gear is such a great excuse to get organized. I have some paintings that still aren’t signed, some that need to be sealed, (too bad none to be delivered). But soon enough and it’ll help once I get back out in the showing arena.

So, today I got to sealing this sweetie.

One of the few that I’ve used charcoal on so it was a must. After lots of research I went with a UV gloss sealer that had a lot of positive reviews by other artists. I just sprayed on 4 or 5 light coats with 10-15 minute drying time between coats. Voila.

I wasn’t sure how it would change the look of the painting with a glossy finish, but it turns out it looks basically the same as before I sealed it. Yay!

Now, what’s next?