This weekend was spent using my friend Jim’s camera. My iPhone is great, but I am feeling like I need a little more, especially since I am trying to get some good photos for my Etsy shop. It is easy to take an interesting photo when you manipulate with photoshop or use instagram or hipstamatic or whatever. So many choices, I’ve actually stopped paying attention. Like when I am in the grocery store and there are 20 varieties of strawberry jelly to choose from, often I’ll end up walking away saying to myself, “I didn’t really need jelly anyway”. Plus, my photos need to show the work as is, I want the colors to be true and for customers to know what they are getting.

So, I borrowed Jim’s camera, a Canon PowerShot G10. Turns out it’s got all I need, fancy, but not too fancy. I can mess around with the aperture settings and focus or I can just point and  shoot. On top of it’s functionality, it just feels good to have a real camera in my hands again. And seriously, this is far nicer a shot than I can get with my iPhone. I just pointed and clicked.

My plan is to put a new painting into my shop each day until I get through them all. It will be so nice to finally be able to tell people where to go to purchase my art. Just a click away. Easy peasy.

Now, get to work, woman.