Finishing my paintings can end up being a time sucker, but also a necessary step in the process. I am one of those people that never finishes things, so this is a real test of what does not come naturally to me. I am the person who paints their bedroom walls but doesn’t do that one last coat along the edge of the ceiling only to stare at it every night as I go to sleep for 4 years, before painting the walls again. I’d bore you with more examples, but you get the picture.

So yesterday I got to framing the latest painting to go into my Etsy shop. As it turns out, I may not be a natural at finishing things (part of it may be that I don’t want to say good bye to a process that I enjoy) but luckily most steps in the finishing of my paintings are quite enjoyable.

For instance, to paint the edge of the canvas or not? May seem like a simple decision, but I could flop back and forth many times before deciding. This time I went with painting the edges red. Good choice.

Also, I am a tool girl. I love hand tools and power tools and so any chance I get to use them I get a charge. Even though it is just for attaching the canvas to the frame and removing packaging staples, I’ll take it.

And, done. Check. On to the next.