I’ve been busy as most people are this time of year, scurrying around and getting ready for our holiday family gatherings and celebrating. So being able to accomplish 2 goals at one time is a bonus during the time crunch right before the holidays.

Goal number 1: Make time for painting. Goal number 2: Send out Christmas cards. I know snail mailing is becoming old fashioned, and therefore happens rarely, and therefore, so exciting to get a letter in the mail!

Here is the process I used for making my cards this year.

I pulled out a piece of rolled canvas that I’ve had forever and started layering on the paints.

card canvas 1 card canvas 2 card canvas 3 card canvas 4

I cut the canvas down with a rotary cutter to 3 x 5 for the plain 5 x 7 pre bought cards. And glued on with a dot of fabric glue in each corner.

cut card

When cut, I added a star on each card with some metallic paint.

card with star

Easy peasy and though it may not have saved me any time, it sure was fun and my friends and family get a mini Martha Perkins painting sent right to their door.

finished cards

Merry Christmas, everyone!