Last night I set up with 2 other artists in a sweet local playhouse called the Hedgerow Theater. It is such a wonderful building and organization that I wish I knew more about and now that I am showing there, I will be sure to do just that.

hedgerow theater

Clair unfortunately or more accurately, fortunately could not join us because she is arting it up with Ms. Flora Bowley in the beautiful San Miguel, Mexico for a week long painting retreat. Poor thing. Here is Clair’s corner of Hedgerow.

Clairs art hedgerow

The works of the other artists, Annette Alessi and Danielle Kertis. All beautiful work in a fun environment.

landscape artist

hair artist

And here is my spot.

my art hedgerow

For those of you who are local, the show called Strictly Plutonic by local playwright Larry McKenna, will be playing from February 7 though March 3 and all this art will be on display and for sale for the duration of the show. Different artists will be at the performances for a meet and greet at intermission. Clair and I will be there for the Friday the 22nd show. Hope to see some familiar faces there!