I have a gamer friend (My husband has pointed out, “Aren’t we ALL gamers nowadays…shouldn’t there be a label for all the non-gamers??”…good point).  But back to MY point…This friend is a little into a game some of you may know called Skyrim.

Since we were headed to the beach this weekeand to celebrate his birthday and I was feeling crafty, I thought I’d make him a custom one of a kind Skyrim tshirt. Using a standard Hanes tshirt I basically splashed it with bleach. I dotted and smeared it on with a chop stick and using some diluted solution of bleach and water in a spray bottle, sprayed overtop of the drips and splatters.

tshirt 1

Over the next 10-20 minutes as the bleach worked its magic some cool effects happened… much cooler than I was expecting.

tshirt 2

tshirt closeup

I used a tshirt transfer and cheesily added, “I’d rather be in Skyrim”.  The most important part? The birthday boy loves it!