Now that I am posting every day, I need to get imaginative with what I can disguise as art for my latest post. Today I am getting ready for a weekend away visiting family for Easter and though dying Easter eggs might be more expected, instead I am going to treat you with what I like to call “The Art of Hair Dying”.

For those of you who don’t know me, I will tell you that I have a bit of a hair dying obsession. I generally lean toward the fucia-pink range, specifically Special Effects Virgin Rose. I won’t get to the Virgin Rose today as I like to do the processes in stages and give my hair a break between  the chemical baths.

Step One: Try to pretend that I am not taking a picture of myself in the mirror and does anyone ever not feel like a dork taking their picture for a blog post???

hair dying step 1

Step Two: Convince myself that this counts as art because I use a brush to paint the bleach onto my canvas/hair.  (Actually looks kind of cute all bunned up.)

step 2

Step Three: Rinse and pray. I never really know if the bleach will come out even or if I will neglect to process it long enough which leaves blotchy areas or if one day I will go too far and my hair will all break off. But for today…success.

hair done