There is this thing about me, I am one of those people that have ridiculously detailed dreams, and remember them almost every night. I am one of those people that can go on and on (annoyingly so) telling you every minute detail of my dream, not just the stories and emotions but details down to the scent of the breeze coming from the fuzz on a bumble bees wing as it flys by my face in slow motion.  I know there are others out there, but I never hear others talk about their dreams like I do. Maybe because the memory of the dream fades as time goes by, maybe because there is something about dreams that are deeply personal, or maybe because they realize as I do that it can be annoying to hear someone ramble on about their dream when it makes sense to no one but the dreamer.

Anyway, part of my dream experience is that I wake up with songs or parts of them in my head as I wake up. Sometimes the words strike a chord with me, other times I don’t know what they mean, if anything. Maybe my subconscious just likes to listen to music. This morning I had part of the song Mad World in my head. The same phrase over and over…

And I find it kind of funny 

I find it kind of sad 

The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had

I found it interesting to have a song in my dream about dreaming, interesting enough to share and maybe make it a regular thing to post on my dream songs, a way for me to keep track. Hope this doesn’t bore you. It certainly is better than me going on and on in excruciating detail about what I dreamt last night. Forbidden kissing, murky pools, dark garages with boxes of dusty tools, and if I don’t stop now, I’ll be typing all day.