And yet another idea comes to me for the upcoming group show. I have to say, it has been some time since I have needed to prepare a piece for a show and it seems to motivate me quite a bit. I want to make something that I am proud of. Hopping around from idea to idea is great, it gets the juices flowing.

Here is my latest idea…using our local town paper, I created a base to build on. My thought was it would be nice to incorporate something personal that everyone can relate to at our small town show.

newspaper processs


Now how to continue and make it work in the theme of the show. Regardless if it pans out, I really am coming up with AND DOING lots of new and fun stuff.

And while the glue dries and I try to recover all those solutions that are waiting for me in my  vortex of brilliant ideas, I have done some more work on this baby. Hard to tell, but there are changes. Bit by bit, tick. tick. tick.

suburbia 1