I LOVE LOVE LOVE gardening, and right now is the time when everything starts. I have gotten the hang over the years of planting what my family will eat and not stressing over the plants that are just too much maintenance.

Though there are only so many ways to eat chives, they are easy perennials which pretty much require no work and usually are the first welcomed signs of life in my garden each year.

caged chives

I’ve gotten a few seeds planted including my sweet peas which have just sprouted.

baby bean sprouts

Which means today I built the trellis for my baby peas to grow on. It changes every year and gets better each time.

bean trellis

I love planting in rows. Marigolds apparently keep away aphids and other garden pests. And really, they are just pretty. Beautiful and functional.

rows of marigolds

And of course, outside of the vegetable garden I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the first poppy to show it’s glorious head. Not too much longer.

poppy watching

Happy Gardening everyone! 
garden dork