The date has arrived and I have finished finished my paintings just in the nick of time. Sealed them last night and completed framing them a few minutes ago.

I’ve come to realize that there are many stages of finishing around here.

There is the, “Ooh yay, I am finished with this painting, it looks so nice and now I will go to bed and sign it in the morning.”

And then upon waking in the morning, “Hmm, not as finished as I thought, I’ll just add a little more here. There. Finished.”

“And here. There. Finished.”

And when it is finished for REAL (if there is such a thing), there is the signing of the name. I know this shouldn’t be an issue, but sometimes it can break a painting if it is signed poorly.

Some paintings need to be sealed…my latest batch did…so not quite finished yet. And then it rains, and believe me, you can NOT use this sealer in the house. Stinky big time. So wait until the day before it’s due and I finally get it sealed. “Ahhh, finished.” Right.

The last step. Framing.

And just like that. Finished!

hung sprawl