I have a friend, Tommy Pinto, who has a painting business in our town. He the NICEST guy, the kind who waves to you from 2 blocks away and sweetly says to have a great day. Of all the painting business signs I have seen around, he has by far the COOLEST. I have always admired the uniqueness of his signs and how effective they are at catching your eye as you drive through our beautiful town.

Lucky for me, a few days ago he waved me down and asked if he could hire me to fix the faces of the guys that he clamps onto his yard signs. He is a great house painter but admits, no artist and when a customer said he loved his signs but the faces were creeping him out, Tommy knew it was time to get some help. So help I did.

This morning I brought the poor things home. Some faceless zombies, some well, creepy.

tommies sign in car

Fun day painting in the sun…

face 1

face 2

face 3

face 4

on table with stencil

First batch of many completed. And so much sweeter, just like Tommy.

and complete