Surprisingly, the rain held off for the Bastille Day Celebration in Media and so I went for it and set up my booth as planned.

day set up

booth sketch

It’s a lot of work to set up shop just to tear down in 3 hours, but business wise I sold some of my hand painted cards and my “Tropical Dream” painting, which was great to see go to a pair of photographers, a lovely husband and wife who are moving to Florida. Perfect.

tropical dream

The evening itself was beautiful and relaxed with sweet handholding couples wandering the streets and enjoying themselves.

hand holding

Between chatting with the natives and swapping stories with other artists I had an amazing view of the pretty spectacular 3 story Eiffel Tower sculpture with my favorite Media building in the background…

my view

Got to listen to my favorite local musical duo, set up right across the street from me…

musical duo

And watched a lovely sunset as day turned to night.

Bastille sunset

The sales are important, but getting out and socializing and experiencing moments that can’t be recreated is what it’s about. Sometimes it can be a little freaky deeky being out there alone, but mostly it’s empowering and pretty great.

night set up