So here is what has been going on as of late and I’ll just go ahead and cram it all in here as best as I can.

I’ve been working on my collage piece and all the technical aspects of working with adhesives and printer ink without smudging and buckling.

technical process

It is coming together.
collage part

Figuring out the background colors and composition of the house element.

composition process

With all the gorgeous weather in place, I spruced up my deck in anticipation of an upcoming bridal shower for my sweet new sister-in-law.

prettying up

Pulled out this painting that has been stagnating in the corner.


Did this…


Then this…


Don’t know what’s next.

More men.

painting more men

Summer is waning and so a family field trip was in order. Went to nearby Fort Mifflin known not only for it’s history but also it’s hauntings.  (Little known fact, I’m a tad obsessed with the paranormal and little known show called Ghost Hunters on Sifi which is how I found out about Fort Mifflin in the first place.) Trippy trip.

haunted fort Mifflin

field tripping

In the process of making more greeting cards which keep flying off the shelves.

greeting cards

We started hanging the advertising for the next SFOA group show. Locals, send in your entry form by the 23rd and then get your asses to Borough Hall with your submissions on Monday September 30th. It’ll be a fun wine opening with art too!

call for entries

My attempt at a photo for the show. Who knows what I’ll end up submitting, but I do find this photo intriguing.


Though all the chillaxing has been nice, I’m pretty happy that the summer time suck effect is wearing off and I am getting back to business. Great catching up, phew! Stay tuned, more soon!