I have been toying with the idea of painting pet portraits. But then, I toy with lots of ideas. Sometimes it just takes a person to poke me in the forehead at just the right moment for me to stop toying and start doing. That’s what my friend Sarah did, and these are my two first commissioned pet portraits along with the photos that she sent me.

scrambles framed

scrambles photo

Jethro and Jessie framed

sarahs dogs photo

If you are interested, I am charging $100 for an 8″X10″ acrylic on canvas unframed painting, $130 with a frame. You supply a photo or photos for me to choose from by emailing it to me at martha.perkins@gmail.com. I paint your sweet pet and mail it back to you with free shipping in the US!

As time goes on and as I build my pet portrait portfolio, I will direct you to where they can be ordered and purchased. So, stay tuned, more to come…