Between pet portraits I squeezed in a project of painting over a portrait for a client.

I started with a photo that he emailed to me which I manipulated a bit before mounting on a wood panel.

Ed Yee 1

I painted over the uninteresting background…

Ed Yee 2

And started adding my own style elements…

Ed Yee 3

Until settling on this.

Ed Yee 4

I am happy with the painting and how it turned out, and especially love it when I am inspired by a project!

Now I want to experiment. Go bigger…use more collage elements to the background and clothing…be bolder.  Thank you to this sweet man who walked up to me at an art opening to ask if I was an artist and if could paint over a portrait of his wife and grandson. And thank me for saying, why yes, yes I can. 🙂