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I love my local Co-Op. I always feel at home when I walk through the doors. And seeing my cards displayed so beautifully brings a big fat smile to my face.

card rack


card fav

Still making my hand painted cards. I love coming up with new designs. Though not realistic in terms of revenue, it’d be heavenly if I could make these all day.

Some of my latest and favorites now for sale at my local CoOp. Each one is different and original, I can’t stop coming up with new designs. Fun fun fun.






Drum roll please……..THIS IS MY 500TH POST!  Yay, me! Yay you! Yay yay!

I thought I’d come up with something more significant to write about for such a landmark event, but nope just the regular stuff….

These heart cards sold out fast so I made some more yesterday.

heart cards


I love making my cards. If I can just keep finding people who want to keep buying them I can keep making them. Happy-happy, win-win. Yay-yay. 🙂

heart sleeved

Lately I have been filling my time (while my pet portrait layers dry) with painting swatches of canvas and attaching them to greeting card stock.

Here is my latest pet portrait…Mitzy. Awwwwww, such a cutie.

Mitzy cropped

And here are some of my latest sharpee and acrylic cards.

IMG_2567IMG_2568IMG_2569 IMG_2570


And here shows my painting mounted on card stock.

lotus greeting card

It’s a nice balance. Often I just bounce off the walls in my house, end up doing chores or God forbid I check Facebook ONE. MORE. TIME. while I wait for paint to dry, but having the cards to fill that gap in time is great. It also satisfies my longing to doodle more.

My new mantra from hence forth shall be… “More doodling, less chores.”

The Pet Portraits are taking over most of my time lately but I have a few projects in between to keep me on my toes.

I’ve  been selling greeting cards at our local CoOp, mostly prints of paintings I have made. As the holiday season approaches I start feeling extra crafty and have the urge to do more handmade cards like the ones seen on this post. So it occurred to me, why not do seasonal cards? Here is my first attempt.




Who doesn’t love a sweet pumpkin in a pumpkin patch at night?

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