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I just realized I never showed you all the completed portrait of Beau from a month ago. The client wanted sweetie Beau’s name on the portrait which can be tricky, but I think it turned out great.

So excited to get back to painting. This summer has been a real time suck, but if anything it is giving me more motivation to CRANK on my art when I finally get back to it.

This lingering winter has got me chomping at the bit for some spring blooms, so this week I started on some poppy paintings.

This piece is back by popular demand. I don’t often try to replicate paintings, but after a friend asked me if I could try to reproduce an earlier piece, I made this for her. Starting to feel the appeal.

poppy replicant

And now that I have the poppy juice flowing, this is what I am currently working on…

new poppy progress

Come on Spring!


signed flow

And finished!

flow complete

Phew. It’s been some time since I have finished a painting. Feels good. 🙂

I wish I had something new to show you all, but this painting is all I have been working on. Still lots of staring and a tiny bit of poking my brush around.


One of my on again, off again favorite areas.


When I am feeling like this painting is taking over my life and not progressing quickly enough, I remind myself to enjoy the process and then time takes on a whole new feeling. I do that and look at this cute critter.

cute critter

He makes me smile.

I’ve been taking baby steps lately on my paintings, but in my book, steps are steps.

tweek, tweek, tweek.
Filling in the details.

I still have some work to do on these before I’ll consider them complete. Good and bad news is, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s so much fun working on paintings and watching them grow that it almost makes me sad when I finish them. Though, when I sell them it is ALL GOOD!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So this was a fun painting to work on. It is now hanging up in our show (extended through August) at the Swarthmore Borough Hall. Hope some of you take the time to go check out all the art work that Clair and I have added. The paintings look so much better “live” and will be worth the pop in.  We will add pieces through out the month as we make more so visit often!

[And now I am going to continue freaking out about my child going to college and how on earth are we going to pay for it and how on earth am I going to handle the changing dynamic of our household with 1/4 of us missing. And my baby is leaving! And… (deep breath) now I am going to put some of the experience that I have learned through painting  to work. “This is just a passing phase and in the end it all works out, and works out beautifully. Give it time and relaaaax.” sigh]

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