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Some of my favorite things to do professionally are side jobs. I love making my greeting cards and selling them at our local CoOp. I love helping to restore a local sculpture that was vandalized, I loved being a sumer camp art teacher, I love…hey wait, maybe my profession is just a string of side jobs. Fun!

I have a friend who is a professional house painter. His business is called Thomas Aquinas Painting. Yesterday my side job was to  paint the men that he uses as his yard signs when he is working on a property.

Starting by sketching out the beautiful freshly primed plywood silhouettes.

primed men

Adding more detail on the hands than I had in times past.

start paint men

Saving a poor zombified sign from times past.


All freshened up and ready to get to work.

paint men complete

Love my side jobs.


I continued on my prompt paintings yesterday. Not sure what is going to happen to them, but the beginning layers often get covered when creating with this sort of technique. I’ll just keep going and see what happens.

prompt paintng 1 continued

prompt painting continued

I’ve also got this idea bouncing around  in my head to do a large painting of floral undergrowth. So I did a quick sketch yesterday as step #1.

flower root sketch

Maybe I should make my own prompts and just do them. Not a new idea, but sometimes when something is said for the 100th time it ends up being the right time. I like the concept of a rendezvousing with my ideas.

OK, so let’s do it then, For tomorrow I’ll order those large canvases and start putting my plan into action. What plan do you want to put into action and have been putting off? Maybe it’s time to have a rendezvous and just do it!

Over the past three weeks I have been teaching art in a preschool day camp.  It was fun, exhausting, rejuvenating and at times overwhelming. More than anything, it was stimulating. I could feel my brain regrowing synapses that had long been forgotten and neglected. The experience has given rise to a new perspective on how much I love making art and the inspiration to come up with new ideas is now very present in me.

Here is what I want. I want to make more art, bigger art, more impactful art. I also want to keep plugging away with my pet portrait business and hand made greeting cards, both of which I truly love doing. Having a side job for a few weeks has allowed me to realize that I have PLENTY of time to do it all. I want to show my work again, find a  beautiful place for it to nestle and make work that I am proud of. My bar has been way too low for way too long.

Today I came up with new ideas for greeting cards. Love my pets. Love my cards. Why not combine them?

pet cards

I’d like to come up with designs for different dog breeds as well, but will have to see if I can find a good fit on where to sell them before I go too nutty.

I also worked on a new painting through a Facebook group that gives prompts as you go along. Just to get the juices flowing.

prompt painting


I love to follow direction and see where it leads me. I also am doing things that I would have never come up with if left alone with myself. Here are the prompts if you are curious. I am up to 4.


Prompt 1: paint your canvas blue

Prompt 2: red orange or coral marks, stamps or letters

Prompt 3: black fine lines, writing, secret messages and sacred marks,,,something meaningful.

Prompt 4: paint 1/3 of your canvas pastel shade of your choice, slightly translucent.

Prompt 5: collage 1/4 of canvas.

Prompt 6: finger paint on 1/3 canvas

Prompt 7: paint symbol of some place you’d like to visit or have been to.

Prompt 8: tape off geometric shapes and paint, let dry, peel off tape…use painters tape so it can peel off easily. Try pin stripe tape from auto store.

Prompt 9: dry brush part or all of you painting.

Prompt 10: add the number of your age in marks…for example, if your 40 then add 40 flowers, circles, or whatever you want.

Prompt 11: add drips and splatters.

Prompt 12: finish it and post!


Alrighty. Guess you should be hearing more from me now that I have renewed vigor and my brain is finally firing at full capacity. More soon. xo





I am not sure where my obsession with poppies has come from, but if this painting doesn’t illustrate how much I love them, I don’t know what will.


poppy middle

At 3 X 4 feet, it is the largest painting I have done in quite awhile. Digging it…big time.

poppy view

I may do something more with the background, but otherwise I’m putting this poppy to bed!

Our towns annual group art show that I help organize and run is coming up next week, but because I have been so busy with my pet portraits I haven’t had a chance to work of a piece to submit. I am camping this weekend and we install the show on Tuesday.

Nothing like procrastinating until the last minute to get me cranking. Pulled an all day session at the easel yesterday and I think I am going to squeak it in under the wire. Here is a close up of my progress.

poppy center

Now time to clean the palette and get back to it.

palette cleaning

Each time I do a pet portrait, just like the pets themselves,  they take on a life of their own. Often I do not know the owner and so I don’t know their artistic or decorating style. That probably works out for the best in the end, because then I can let the portrait evolve naturally. My latest pet portrait got a tad psychedelic…nothing over the top, but my client (who I don’t know) is buying the portrait for her in-laws (who I don’t know) and so it made me wonder if I maybe should have toned it down.


Yesterday I sent this photo of the portrait to my client. Her response, “They are absolutely going to LOVE this!!  Totally their style…”  Yep. This makes me happy.

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