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Today I am working on a new pet portrait. This is the photo of Beau I received…

beau 2

and here is my progress so far…

Beau progress

Happy to have  a pet portrait back on my easel. Such fun to look at this cutie all day.

I have also ordered my large canvases as previously discussed, and they are on their way. Not as big as I was hoping, but the shipping for larger canvases made it cost prohibitive, so I went with 24″X36″ canvases and will start looking into making my own large scale canvases. I am handy with power tools, so it is kind of surprising that I haven’t already made my own.

And this photo I took recently just might be my inspiration for the first painting when my new canvases arrive.

poppy photo painting inspiration


Still working on my pieces for the group show. Installing in one week. Yipe!

2 houses

A reminder of where they started.

early houses

I’ve sort of got a love-like relationship with these paintings. Makes it hard to stay focused, so the  ticking clock fire under my ass is helpful. Back to it!

OK, so I decided to start using charcoal a few days ago to make things more interesting. And more interesting they got. I am totally digging this new process.

I’ll work on these some more today, but I don’t want to lose the relaxed feel, so a little work, but not too much…ugh that fine line is a tough one to tread.

Lesson learned from yesterday and moving on today. I think I have finished the Daisy painting. I really felt like it needed to be simplified and I am pleased with the changes I made.

I will also take a moment to note the interesting details that have unintentionally been created from all the layering, layering, layering.  After all the whining I did yesterday (in more than one way) about the time it took to go nowhere, it makes me happy to realize that I actually was going somewhere after all. I just didn’t realize it at the time. Another lesson learned.

And to finish for the day, here are two paintings I am playing on. I like the colors and graphic nature of my tulips and am messing around with squiggles on the other.

Today I spent ALL DAY working on a painting that I had already called “done”.  Annnnd, it is still not done. But whatevaaaa… here you have it.

Where I started. What used to be the completed piece…

And then…

And then…

(With lots of  “and then’s” between.)

And finally…

I am sure I learned something from my experience today. Like the importance of stretching my back every so often. And not caring if the painting gets finished (ha). And hydrating. Like with a glass of wine. Like now.

So much to catch up on today. First let me show you the pieces that I am currently working on.

This is the ever evolving painting again. I think it is about complete. But getting more and more fun every time I add to it, so we’ll see. Is there such a thing as too much fun?

And here is a painting that I am working on similar to “Sunset” that sold at my last opening. It was just so fun (and there I go with the fun again) to make the first time, I thought I’d give it another go only on a bigger scale. Here the canvas is 2′ X 4′ vs. the original at 18″ x 24″.

I’ve been exploring my garden for inspiration the last few days and I wanted to share with you the cutest little praying mantis I have ever seen. Literally.

Here is a shot of the side of my chair. That dot is the praying mantis.

And this is a close up. A better camera would have come in handy today.

There is just so much beauty right in my own backyard to tap into this time of year.

And finally here is a photo of my latest painting hanging at Borough Hall. Thank you to everyone for all your positive feedback and support of our show which will now be up through August. We are enjoying ourselves and pretty proud of our accomplishments, but the validation from friends and neighbors goes a loooong way in keeping us motivated to keep at it!  So, thanks!

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