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Today I am working on a new pet portrait. This is the photo of Beau I received…

beau 2

and here is my progress so far…

Beau progress

Happy to have  a pet portrait back on my easel. Such fun to look at this cutie all day.

I have also ordered my large canvases as previously discussed, and they are on their way. Not as big as I was hoping, but the shipping for larger canvases made it cost prohibitive, so I went with 24″X36″ canvases and will start looking into making my own large scale canvases. I am handy with power tools, so it is kind of surprising that I haven’t already made my own.

And this photo I took recently just might be my inspiration for the first painting when my new canvases arrive.

poppy photo painting inspiration


Lately I have been filling my time (while my pet portrait layers dry) with painting swatches of canvas and attaching them to greeting card stock.

Here is my latest pet portrait…Mitzy. Awwwwww, such a cutie.

Mitzy cropped

And here are some of my latest sharpee and acrylic cards.

IMG_2567IMG_2568IMG_2569 IMG_2570


And here shows my painting mounted on card stock.

lotus greeting card

It’s a nice balance. Often I just bounce off the walls in my house, end up doing chores or God forbid I check Facebook ONE. MORE. TIME. while I wait for paint to dry, but having the cards to fill that gap in time is great. It also satisfies my longing to doodle more.

My new mantra from hence forth shall be… “More doodling, less chores.”

Working on another pet portrait. As long as the business keeps coming, I am going to keep painting! Here is my progress so far…

today easel

Here are the two portraits I finished today and the photos that I worked from.

Daisy Photo


Daisy Photo



Bristol Photo

A pretty great way to end the day!

It’s been some time since I did one, so I thought a slideshow was in order.  Here are the stages of painting my latest pet portrait, Buddha.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I find it interesting to look back at the photos after finishing a piece. It almost always takes me just as long to finish the last steps in a painting as it does to create the first 90%. Sort of like packing up a house to move. But in either case, when it’s done, SO satisfying.


I have been toying with the idea of painting pet portraits. But then, I toy with lots of ideas. Sometimes it just takes a person to poke me in the forehead at just the right moment for me to stop toying and start doing. That’s what my friend Sarah did, and these are my two first commissioned pet portraits along with the photos that she sent me.

scrambles framed

scrambles photo

Jethro and Jessie framed

sarahs dogs photo

If you are interested, I am charging $100 for an 8″X10″ acrylic on canvas unframed painting, $130 with a frame. You supply a photo or photos for me to choose from by emailing it to me at I paint your sweet pet and mail it back to you with free shipping in the US!

As time goes on and as I build my pet portrait portfolio, I will direct you to where they can be ordered and purchased. So, stay tuned, more to come…

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