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Today I am working on a new pet portrait. This is the photo of Beau I received…

beau 2

and here is my progress so far…

Beau progress

Happy to have  a pet portrait back on my easel. Such fun to look at this cutie all day.

I have also ordered my large canvases as previously discussed, and they are on their way. Not as big as I was hoping, but the shipping for larger canvases made it cost prohibitive, so I went with 24″X36″ canvases and will start looking into making my own large scale canvases. I am handy with power tools, so it is kind of surprising that I haven’t already made my own.

And this photo I took recently just might be my inspiration for the first painting when my new canvases arrive.

poppy photo painting inspiration


I continued on my prompt paintings yesterday. Not sure what is going to happen to them, but the beginning layers often get covered when creating with this sort of technique. I’ll just keep going and see what happens.

prompt paintng 1 continued

prompt painting continued

I’ve also got this idea bouncing around  in my head to do a large painting of floral undergrowth. So I did a quick sketch yesterday as step #1.

flower root sketch

Maybe I should make my own prompts and just do them. Not a new idea, but sometimes when something is said for the 100th time it ends up being the right time. I like the concept of a rendezvousing with my ideas.

OK, so let’s do it then, For tomorrow I’ll order those large canvases and start putting my plan into action. What plan do you want to put into action and have been putting off? Maybe it’s time to have a rendezvous and just do it!

Our towns annual group art show that I help organize and run is coming up next week, but because I have been so busy with my pet portraits I haven’t had a chance to work of a piece to submit. I am camping this weekend and we install the show on Tuesday.

Nothing like procrastinating until the last minute to get me cranking. Pulled an all day session at the easel yesterday and I think I am going to squeak it in under the wire. Here is a close up of my progress.

poppy center

Now time to clean the palette and get back to it.

palette cleaning

This lingering winter has got me chomping at the bit for some spring blooms, so this week I started on some poppy paintings.

This piece is back by popular demand. I don’t often try to replicate paintings, but after a friend asked me if I could try to reproduce an earlier piece, I made this for her. Starting to feel the appeal.

poppy replicant

And now that I have the poppy juice flowing, this is what I am currently working on…

new poppy progress

Come on Spring!

Dog Days

My pooch keeps getting cuter and cuter. Now I just need to resolve some of the chaotic background issues so that I can put this puppy to rest.

Just a few of the paintings I have been messing with lately.

easel pieces

Had a long relaxing weekend at the shore and am now feeling recharged and ready to bust through to the others side with these guys…as in the side of finished.

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