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Today I am working on a new pet portrait. This is the photo of Beau I received…

beau 2

and here is my progress so far…

Beau progress

Happy to have  a pet portrait back on my easel. Such fun to look at this cutie all day.

I have also ordered my large canvases as previously discussed, and they are on their way. Not as big as I was hoping, but the shipping for larger canvases made it cost prohibitive, so I went with 24″X36″ canvases and will start looking into making my own large scale canvases. I am handy with power tools, so it is kind of surprising that I haven’t already made my own.

And this photo I took recently just might be my inspiration for the first painting when my new canvases arrive.

poppy photo painting inspiration


Here is the progress on the latest. Small new elements, but impactful and they have changed the course of this piece. I love posting and looking at photos of my progress, it gives me another layer of distance that helps me to see another perspective…more outside of myself. I guess it helps me to be less judgmental, and we could all use a dose of that now and then.

I am going to try and crank in my studio today. The holiday list of things to do is getting incredibly long and tomorrow it all starts with Thanksgiving prep. So realistically, I’ll see you all again  in the new year. Kidding! Sort of.

A couple weeks ago I posted a slideshow of a painting that was still in the works. Since it is now completed, I thought I’d give you all the satisfaction of seeing it through to the end. I find it fascinating to see all the stages of development and where I get stuck and how I punch through. Never, never, ever ends up where I think it will end.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love that aspect of the painting process where I start off fine and dandy and then I end up on a path that doesn’t feel true to me, but I just keep on going anyway and then when my mind catches up to my heart I make a big mess so I can change course and get back on track. Ah, art/life metaphors, don’t you just love em?

The following are the two paintings that I have worked on the most lately. They have been all over the place and back again, but I can feel the conclusion approaching.

This painting has been fun, but so far I have spent more time staring at it than painting it. Though some times those are the paintings with the best outcome.

In this painting I have changed the sky over and over again. First one color, then another, then clouds, then no clouds, then a new color etc. The good thing is that I am narrowing it down and can feel the end is near, and the other good thing is all the layering adds an element that I would not have achieved otherwise.

Today is rainy and stormy, which means humidity, which means the paint on my canvas is taking forever to dry which makes it difficult for me to paint. I am thinking a movie day is in order. The latest from Netflix, Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. Sounds perfect!

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