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I just realized I never showed you all the completed portrait of Beau from a month ago. The client wanted sweetie Beau’s name on the portrait which can be tricky, but I think it turned out great.

So excited to get back to painting. This summer has been a real time suck, but if anything it is giving me more motivation to CRANK on my art when I finally get back to it.

Some of my latest and favorites now for sale at my local CoOp. Each one is different and original, I can’t stop coming up with new designs. Fun fun fun.






Looks like this business is going to keep on keeping me busy, especially as the holidays approach. Here are my 2 latest…

Magoo cropped

Stormy 2 cropped

Business has been trickling in at a steady stream.  Just enough to keep me busy and excited but not so much to feel pressured about spending the weekends relaxing with my family.  But I have to say, there is a buzz in the air that makes me feel like I am going to get clobbered in the next few months with Christmas and holiday gift commissions. Guess that could be exciting as well. I of course, will keep you posted. Now back to “work”.

My latest pet portrait client wants 2 paintings, one for each of her daughters for Christmas. Such a great idea and I love being a participant in the plan.

This is the first completed portrait with photo.

Liz 1

Stormy on easel

I am pretty psyched at how it turned out.  Now onto Stormy number two…

Here are the two portraits I finished today and the photos that I worked from.

Daisy Photo


Daisy Photo



Bristol Photo

A pretty great way to end the day!

Hello, my lovely readers.  I have started another blog that focuses on my pet portraits!  It is what much of my time is being spent on lately and honestly, it is what is making the money which is needed around here. Cough cough, son in college, cough cough.

Check it out at pet portraits by martha where I’ll only be posting about the pet paintings and so will still be posting here, just let regularly. I miss you guys over there. It’s pretty weird to be writing with 3 followers.

Here’s a sneak peak at the latest with more on the way!

O completed

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