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Each time I do a pet portrait, just like the pets themselves,  they take on a life of their own. Often I do not know the owner and so I don’t know their artistic or decorating style. That probably works out for the best in the end, because then I can let the portrait evolve naturally. My latest pet portrait got a tad psychedelic…nothing over the top, but my client (who I don’t know) is buying the portrait for her in-laws (who I don’t know) and so it made me wonder if I maybe should have toned it down.


Yesterday I sent this photo of the portrait to my client. Her response, “They are absolutely going to LOVE this!!  Totally their style…”  Yep. This makes me happy.

It’s evening wine time, but I quickly wanted to share with you the progress on my latest pet portrait.

Here is where I started yesterday…

dog start

And here is where I left off today…

dog continued

That’s all for now, short and sweet…wine is calling. Be right there, sweetie.

Working on another pet portrait. As long as the business keeps coming, I am going to keep painting! Here is my progress so far…

today easel

I am going to be lazy today with my post and just put up the link from my pet portraits site’s latest post.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.45.44 AM

Sometimes cheating is a good thing.

So these pet portraits that have swooped in and taken over my life in many wonderful ways, have also taken a bit of a toll on my eyes.  Doing the fine detailed work like in this portrait I just finished of a darling Pit Bull, Cinnamon, really starts to bug my eyes out.


So today, though I started to work on the ever expanding list of pet portraits, I ended up spending most of my day on this much larger and easier on the eyes painting…

circles changes

and changed it completely.


I was liking the Keith Haring amoeba look it had going on but after writing this post and looking at it again…blood shot eye, don’t you think? Crap.

Hello, my lovely readers.  I have started another blog that focuses on my pet portraits!  It is what much of my time is being spent on lately and honestly, it is what is making the money which is needed around here. Cough cough, son in college, cough cough.

Check it out at pet portraits by martha where I’ll only be posting about the pet paintings and so will still be posting here, just let regularly. I miss you guys over there. It’s pretty weird to be writing with 3 followers.

Here’s a sneak peak at the latest with more on the way!

O completed

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