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This week I started a job at a jewelry company, John Wind Maximal Art.

It’s actually really great. I get to make stuff all day. One of my favorite thing to do in life is to make things. And making things that potentially make others happy, even better! So far so good.

The most difficult part is the sitting. I am not a sitter. I need to work out, run around the yard or garden during my breaks from the easel. Now I find myself with no time coming home (like the majority of the population, I KNOW) making dinner, catching up with my family over dinner and then immediately grabbing a few computer moments, trying to fit in some studio painting time, shower, bed, repeat.

So how to fit in my art time? Workout time? Weekends.

I can do it!


So, this self portrait. I got back to it only to add a yellow background. Yeah, not super inspired lately.

yellow background

Then today I thought I would do some collage work on a painting. I’ve been thinking about doing it for some time, and happened to be at the art store so yeah! a little inspiration! Ummm…and then well, this happened.

garlic mouth

I innocently flipped through my gardening magazines and decided to fill my self portrait with images of flowers and plants and nature and layer layer layer. After barely a layer, I’ve decided to stop and reevalute. The creepiness of it is leaving me a little… speechless. It feels a bit like a dream and leaves me with the question, “What does this mean????”

I started another self portrait yesterday and was going to wait until I added some paint before showing my progress, but I’ve been slacking. So here is where I am at…

self portrait reflection

self portrait with hat

Taking photos as I go along always helps me to see details more clearly. First my face was way to long…I erased them but you can still see how high up my eyebrows were before fixing. I also noticed my eyes were too close together and fixed that, I think. And then there are things like ears. Ears are so weird.


Here is a slide show for you to enjoy of my self portrait from the start, where I painted over a painting that was just going nowhere but down and to what I think is the finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It could be a fun project to do a self portrait each month. Maybe. I’ll tuck it into my memory banks and see what happens.

Wishing you all a loverly weekend!

I’ve continued working on my self portrait from a few days ago. As I was using very large foam brushes for the first stage,  I decided to start adding more detail with charcoal to guide me.

Followed by some more paint layers.

I’ll keep at it and am actually quite enjoying the differences in the process of painting from life subjects vs. painting  from some random thought or feeling. Obviously each process has many of it’s own merits. But right now it is the differences that I am appreciating the most. Variety is fun.

Hello, all. Something about election day that makes me self reflective and so what better day than today to work on a self-portrait?

I so rarely paint anything from life, so it is an interesting study both technically and emotionally. Have you ever tried to stare at yourself in a mirror for an extended period of time? It’s interesting. I encourage you to try it, see what happens.

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