Between painting Pet Portraits and making jewelry for Maximal Art, I am also satisfying my doodling urge by making greeting cards to sell at our local CoOp. Day of the Dead imagery makes me happy.

day of dead cards

This week I started a job at a jewelry company, John Wind Maximal Art.

It’s actually really great. I get to make stuff all day. One of my favorite thing to do in life is to make things. And making things that potentially make others happy, even better! So far so good.

The most difficult part is the sitting. I am not a sitter. I need to work out, run around the yard or garden during my breaks from the easel. Now I find myself with no time coming home (like the majority of the population, I KNOW) making dinner, catching up with my family over dinner and then immediately grabbing a few computer moments, trying to fit in some studio painting time, shower, bed, repeat.

So how to fit in my art time? Workout time? Weekends.

I can do it!


I’ve been photographing The Meander for artist Stacy Levy this past week. And just wanted to take a moment to remind those who live close enough to go check it out soon! The sculpture comes down in November. Tick…tick…tick…

Daytime viewing is breathtaking.


But night is even better.


I love my local Co-Op. I always feel at home when I walk through the doors. And seeing my cards displayed so beautifully brings a big fat smile to my face.

card rack


card fav

Still making my hand painted cards. I love coming up with new designs. Though not realistic in terms of revenue, it’d be heavenly if I could make these all day.


I just realized I never showed you all the completed portrait of Beau from a month ago. The client wanted sweetie Beau’s name on the portrait which can be tricky, but I think it turned out great.

So excited to get back to painting. This summer has been a real time suck, but if anything it is giving me more motivation to CRANK on my art when I finally get back to it.

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