This is my sketch experiment.  Each and every day I will do a sketch and post it here. I will post it whether I like it or not, whether it takes me a few minutes or most of the day. Here is where I will jump start the creative side of me that I have been neglecting.  It is my hope that when I pay more attention to the details in my life, I will get a better view of the big picture. This is where my quest for renewed inspiration begins.


UPDATE: Over one hundred and fifty days of artwork into this project and I am still going strong. I am inspired almost every day to work on a project and when I am not inspired, I take the time to at least think about art or sit in my studio and wait for the elusive inspiration to come to me.

This project has created a shift in my perspective on life.  I have found that in the past my inspired energy was used for a variety of things….making purses out of old neck ties, building my deck and fence, constant home improvement, designing my kids birthday party invites and Nemo cakes…on and on. These things do still happen, but mostly I have redirected myself to use my creative juices in my studio, to make art, to be shared with everyone. I love it and hope that you enjoy the continuing evolution of myself and my art.


ONE YEAR UPDATE: My 1 year anniversary has passed and I am still going full speed ahead. After the art workshop I attended in October 2010 run by the amazing artist and inspirational teacher, Flora Bowley, I have been painting, painting, painting!  Though none of this artistic adventure would be happening if I didn’t just start doing a simple sketch that day in February of 2009, and tell myself to “Just do it!”. From here forward I may not post every day, but am making art nearly each and every day. My experiment is working!