The show has been installed and Clair and I are ready to go! Here are a few photos of the art that we chose to hang.

And here we are deciding which piece should go where. As we hung our pieces, we realized that they go surprisingly well together.

And the new rail system that Clair and I put in made a huge difference with the ease of moving the paintings around. I don’t know how we would have done it without the rails.

Not all the photos I took came out great the night we installed, but you get the idea at least of which pieces I chose. You can recognize Clair’s as they are all the same size,  30″x30″. You can see much of her progress on these painting on her blog. I love this one of the tree.

Here the owner and some of the employees from Hobbs Coffee are hanging out while we finish the install.

I will be sure to take lots of photos tonight at the Opening Reception and post them tomorrow. Almost one year to the day that I started this sketch experiment and here I am now painting every day and having my first art opening reception!! Sometimes I feel like I am a little late arriving to the game, but at least I am here now and I plan on staying! Looking forward to seeing some of you tonight!